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Working Girl (1988) — with Jeannette Guignard!

May 31, 2022

One of my personal besties, boss lady Jeannette Guignard is here to shatter glass ceilings and female stereotypes in 1988’s era-defining feel-good feminist classic, Working Girl.   

Lace up your white tennis shoes as we chat corporate triumphs and tragedies, Frederick's of Hollywood underthings, and using our feminine wiles, but not before getting real about crying at work, vacuuming topless, and bitter backstabbing Bettys who stop at nothing to secure a seat at the table.

Get to know Jeannette Guignard, Ed.D.:

Jeannette spent 20 years in corporate roles before transitioning to executive training and coaching. Today, she is a full-time professor of business and consultant specializing in Organizational Leadership. Jeannette’s consulting services include custom corporate training programs designed to address specific client needs related to leadership development, embracing change, and company culture, as well as individual and small group executive coaching. She's also a loving wife and mom of two whose passion is helping people enhance their leadership skills so they may achieve their aspirations. 

Instagram @leadingmindful


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