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Duran Duran - Rio (1982) ⁠— with Michelle Newman!

Duran Duran - Rio (1982) ⁠— with Michelle Newman!

May 10, 2022

Podcast queen Michelle Newman is here to fangirl over wild boys Duran Duran and their new wave sophomore triumph, 1982’s Rio.

Michelle gets real about life as Simon Le Bon's "wife" in '84, that first concert experience, nonsensical Duran Duran lyrics, titillating music videos, painted women, and Duran Duran as MEN ... but not before Lori is stripped of her Gen X membership for thinking Duran Duran consisted of two dudes: Duran, Duran.

Get to know Michelle Newman:

Michelle is one of the hosts and producers of Pop Culture Preservation Society, a podcast dedicated to preserving the pop-culture nuggets of our GenX childhoods! In addition to writing for a variety of online publications, she also spent eight years writing about her life on her blog, You’re My Favorite TodayMichelle is a loving wife and mom who happily fills her days sharing the joy of our shared GenX memories on Pop Culture Preservation Society’s social media and in the hilarious conversations she has with her sister-work-wives on her podcast!

Pop Culture Preservation Society

Instagram @popculturepreservationsociety & @youremyfavoritetoday

Twitter @PopCulturePres1

Facebook Pop Culture Preservation Society


Rio (Official Music Video)

Hungry Like the Wolf (Official Music Video)

Save a Prayer (Official Music Video)

The Chauffeur (Official Music Video)


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David Bowie - Let’s Dance (1983) — with Rowan Harrison!

David Bowie - Let’s Dance (1983) — with Rowan Harrison!

May 3, 2022

Visual artist Rowan Harrison joins me to put on our red shoes and dance the blues to David Bowie’s 1983 post-disco, new wave, funk-pop masterpiece, Let’s Dance.

From Bowie's desire to make a solid dance record to his use of music videos as social commentary, we chat all about the album's infectious rhythms and massive success that led to Bowie's "Phil Collins years" that followed.

Sharp suits and pompadours are not required, but they're definitely encouraged as we discuss an artist's evolution, the struggle to stay relevant, the challenges of innovation, and how we define mainstream in hindsight.

Get to know Rowan Harrison:

Rowan is an award-winning visual artist, arts instructor, and presenter of cultural affiliated arts programs working in the mediums of clay, illustrations and mixed media. He has been combining the ideals of passion, apprenticeship, and patience, presenting his artwork rooted in his Native American cultural heritage to communities and cities locally and abroad. Rowan is also an enthusiast and connoisseur of all things visual arts, music, film and popular culture. 

Two Tribes Pottery

Two Tribes pottery gallery

Two Tribes pen and ink illustrations gallery

Two Tribes other artwork gallery

Take a class with Rowan

Instagram @two_tribes_pottery


Modern Love (Official Music Video)

China Girl (Official Music Video)

Let's Dance (Official Music Video)

David Bowie gig memory map

How David Bowie’s ‘China Girl’ used racism to fight racism


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Pump Up the Volume (1990) — with Buzz Bishop!

Pump Up the Volume (1990) — with Buzz Bishop!

April 26, 2022

I'm totally pumped to welcome radio host Buzz Bishop to join me in seizing the air as we break down 1990’s coming-of-age indie drama Pump Up the Volume

As a radio veteran, Buzz talks hard about the duality of the person behind the mic, the perks and pitfalls of that radio life, having Michael Bublé as a wingman, Michael Hutchence's Austin Powers's party, and cars that only come with one side mirror.

We also talk teen angst, soundtracks to sadness, pirate radio as a metaphor for social media, pushing our kids to get involved, following non-traditional paths, what happens in basements, and how absolutely old 40 used to seem.

Get to know Buzz Bishop:

Buzz has been a radio host for more than 30 years. He’s met Britney, Christina, Beyoncé, and Gwen. He’s partied with INXS, slept through the chance to party with U2, and has interviewed everyone from Janet to 98 Degrees. In his incredible career, he’s been a TV reporter, newspaper columnist, dad blogger, and actor you might even recognize from a 90’s Subway commercial! Buzz is a devoted husband and father of two sons and lives in Calgary, Canada. He also hosts XL Mornings with Buzz on XL103 so check him out!

Listen to XL Mornings with Buzz on XL103

Instagram @buzzbishop

Twitter @buzzbishop


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George Michael - Faith (1987) — with Jess Sanfilippo!

George Michael - Faith (1987) — with Jess Sanfilippo!

April 19, 2022

Jess Sanfilippo, the whip smart and hella funny Millennial with a GenX soul, is here to join me in singing the highest praises of George Michael’s 1987 debut solo masterpiece, Faith.

From our earliest exposure to the evocative sounds, imagery, and emotional whiplash of this album, to George's beauty shots, iconic style, and undeniable genius, we dive deep into the messaging, meaning, and magic behind it all.

Come for the dangle cross earring, stay for the soul feed.

Get to know Jess Sanfilippo:

Jess is the founder of Roadie Social, an innovative marketing solution for touring musicians who are dedicated to elevating the modern artist-fan relationship on the road.

Roadie Social

Instagram @roadiesocial

Twitter @RoadieSocial

Instagram @jessilippo

Twitter @shuggilippo


Faith (Official Music Video)

Father Figure (Official Music Video)

I Want Your Sex (Official Music Video)

Kissing a Fool (Official Music Video)

One More Try (Official Music Video)

Monkey (Official Music Video)


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The Parent Trap (1998) — with Jessica Ashley!

The Parent Trap (1998) — with Jessica Ashley!

April 12, 2022

Jessica Ashley, Lori's friend, mentor, and the Divorce Coach for Moms is back to break down the double trouble of 1998’s romantic comedy, The Parent Trap starring Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid, and Natasha Richardson.

From the lowdown on Lohan and Lori's experience fencing, to Jessica feeling like a woman wearing pantyhose for the first time, the gal pals talk camp liabilities, 1986 weddings, having a "spare", transatlantic relationships, family secrets, and kids calling the shots.

Get to know Jessica Ashley:

Jessica Ashley is the Divorce Coach for Moms and the author of The Blended Family Q&A: 400 Questions to Spark Fun and Thought-Provoking Conversations. She is also the professor of a graduate communication class at Northwestern University. Jessica is mom to a 17-year old son and 7-year old daughter, and wears inappropriately high heels to the playground.

Official Website

The New York Times "It’s a Good Time to Be a Relationship Coach"

Schedule a complimentary call with Jessica

The Blended Family Q&A: 400 Questions to Spark Fun and Thought-Provoking Conversations

TikTok @divorcecoachformoms

Instagram @divorcecoachformoms


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Dead Poets Society (1989) — with Pat!

Dead Poets Society (1989) — with Pat!

April 5, 2022

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains discussions surrounding suicide. Listener discretion is advised. If you or someone you know needs help, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 for free and confidential support.

Dr. Pat, a Language Arts teacher, college professor, and longtime friend of the pod is here to join me in carpe-ing this diem as we suck the marrow and meaning out of 1988’s coming of age classic, Dead Poets Society starring Robin Williams, Ethan Hawke, and Robert Sean Leonard.

From the films, literature, classmates, and teachers that changed our lives, to the emergence of the American teenager, we talk generational divides, coming of age, finding our voices, and the courage it takes to make our lives extraordinary.


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Annie (1982) — with Ann Imig!

Annie (1982) — with Ann Imig!

March 29, 2022

Ann Imig is here to join me in singing the praises of 1982’s sunshiny musical masterpiece, Annie starring Aileen Quinn, Carol Burnett, Albert Finney, Ann Reinking, Tim Curry, and Bernadette Peters.

Ann explains how growing up, Annie was an extension of her most super ego. From pretending her wastebasket was Sandy to regularly belting out "Tomorrow" in the hopes of being plucked from obscurity and into superstardom, we recount Ann's "kidnapping" experience and how totally weird that whole "We Got Annie" thing really was.

Come for the snark talk on Annie's awful hairdo, stay for the hope she gave our entire generation.

Get to know Ann Imig:

Ann is a writer, speaker, performer, and positive psychology coach who spends most of her time feeding her sons and vacuuming cat litter. In 2010, she created the nationwide storytelling series and book titled Listen To Your Mother. Now, a decade later Listen To Your Mother continues giving motherhood a microphone on stages all over the country. Ann continues to help others find and amplify their voices as a positive psychology coach at Listen Life Coaching

Listen Life Coaching with Ann Imig

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Listen To Your Mother

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Cate's "The Kid Factor" 2014 - Listen To Your Mother


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The Outsiders (1983) — with Kenny Stach!

The Outsiders (1983) — with Kenny Stach!

March 22, 2022

Lori's thrilled to welcome resident cool guy Kenny Stach back to the pod to break down the switchblades, sunsets, and social commentary of 1983’s classic coming-of-age drama, The Outsiders starring Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, C. Thomas Howell, Ralph Macchio, Matt Dillon, Emilio Estevez, Tom Cruise, and Diane Lane.

From questioning Francis Ford Coppola's direction to making undeniable Breakfast Club connections, Lori and Kenny chat pretty bad theme songs, pretty bad acting, and pretty bad decisions involving running away and hydrogen peroxide, but not before celebrating the true love story of friendship and brotherhood in this badass classic.

Get to know Kenny Stach:

Kenny is a former '90s actor you might remember from such films as The Silent Force and The Wounded, along with some PBS guest spots. He’s also an incredibly talented songwriter and musician, devoted husband and father, and effortlessly cool guy. 

@kennystach on Instagram


The Outsiders House Museum Go Fund Me


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Dirty Dancing (1987) — with Jill Smokler!

Dirty Dancing (1987) — with Jill Smokler!

March 15, 2022

Lori's awestruck to welcome New York Times bestselling author Jill Smokler to join her in having the time of their lives as they chat all about the forbidden passion and heartbeat of 1987’s feel-good classic, Dirty Dancing starring Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze

From Jill's preteen quest to see the film against her mother's wishes to Johnny Castle's woo-ability to build houses and forage a meal from the woods, the gals ask the hard questions, hate on horrible sister Lisa, swoon appropriately, and celebrate Baby's sexy coming-of-age through dance. 

Get to know Jill Smokler:

Jill is a New York Times bestselling author and former Scary Mommy. Her honest take on parenting has appeared in countless publications and on television programs including The Today Show, Good Morning America, Nightline, Bethenny and Fox and Friends. In 2017, Forbes magazine named Jill a top ten parenting influencer. Jill is also host of the podcast, She’s Got Issues where she’s taking us along on her journey of finding peace in the past, power in the present, and passion in her future.

She's Got Issues podcast

Jill Smokler on Facebook

@jillsmokler on Instagram


Dirty Dancing screen test Patrick Swayze with Jennifer Grey HD

Kellerman's Mountain House Dirty Dancing themed weekends

Dirty Dancing Festival


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Nirvana - Nevermind (1991) — with David Vienna!

Nirvana - Nevermind (1991) — with David Vienna!

March 8, 2022

Lori's thrilled to welcome bestselling author David Vienna to entertain us as we swim naked into Nirvana’s 1991 sophomore triumph, Nevermind.

From wearing canvas martial arts slippers in mosh pits and believing he was the next Kurt Cobain to meeting the guy who designed the Nevermind album cover, David Vienna's love of alternative music and fascination with Nirvana's cultural impact is the stuff of Gen X legend. 

Get to know David Vienna:

David is the author of four books, the creator of “The CTFD Method” of parenting, and the genius behind The Daddy Complex, a parenting humor website where he chronicles misadventures with his wife and twin sons. In his eclectic professional writing career, he’s penned everything from reality TV scripts to the horror podcast Barren. His fifth book, Pretty Sure You’re Fine: The Health And Wellness Guide for Hypochondriacs, Over-Thinkers, And Worrywarts hits shelves fall 2022.

Calm the F*ck Down: The Only Parenting Technique You’ll Ever Need (2015)

Drinks for Mundane Tasks: 70 Cocktail Recipes for Everyday Chores (2017)

Are We There Yet? 36 Eye-Rolling Flowcharts from the Wonderfully Weird Brains of Children (2018)

Anyone Can Be President: The Super-Smart Guide to Being the Ruler of the Free World (2019)

Podcast: Barren

Twitter: @davidvienna @thedaddycomplex

IG: @david.vienna @thedaddycomplex


Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Official Music Video)

Nirvana - Come As You Are (Official Music Video)

Nirvana - Lithium (Official Music Video)

Nirvana - In Bloom (Official Music Video)


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