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Before Sunrise (1995) — with Amy Garis!

Before Sunrise (1995) — with Amy Garis!

November 30, 2021

Lori's overjoyed to welcome the amazing actress Amy Garis to wax poetic about 1995's romantic indie classic Before Sunrise.

Amy shares her story of falling in love, bumming around Europe in college, and taking that train. She even generously graces us with an inspired dramatic reading of "The Milkshake Poem."

Amy and Lori reminisce about sharing the stage, the struggle of being a dreamer with fears, the true intimacy of an embrace, and the magic that surrounds us all.

Get to know Amy Garis:

Amy Garis is an actress, singer/songwriter, mom of two young kids who inspire her “mom songs,” and a hopeful romantic who is married to her favorite actor. 

@garisgrooves on Instagram

@amygaris_selftapes on Instagram

Amy Garis on IMDB

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Saved by the Bell - ”Jessie‘s Song” (aka ”I‘m So Excited!”) (1990) — with Amye of Gen X, This is Why.

Saved by the Bell - ”Jessie‘s Song” (aka ”I‘m So Excited!”) (1990) — with Amye of Gen X, This is Why.

November 23, 2021

On this very special crossover episode, Lori is SO EXCITED to join Amye of the Gen X, This is Why podcast to discuss Saved By the Bell’s iconic season 2 episode “Jessie’s Song” (aka “I’m So Excited! I’m So...Scared!”)/(aka Jessie Takes Pills, You Guys).

Lori and Amye put their minds to it/go for it as they chat being scared straight, disaster fantasies, inappropriate relationships with principals, holding boundaries, Hot Sundae's hot mess music video, and mistaking Zack Morris's narcissism as charming.

Get to know Gen X, This is Why:

Gen X, This is Why.

The Me-Me B's Facebook group

@genxthisiswhy on Instagram

Saved by the Bell | "Go For It!" Music Video ft. Hot Sundae


Clueless (1995) — with Amber Dorsey!

Clueless (1995) — with Amber Dorsey!

November 16, 2021

DISCLAIMER: This episode contains discussions surrounding the use of cannabis and cannabis-related products. The Untitled GenX Podcast would like to remind listeners to enjoy the legal stuffs responsibility.

Lori is totally buggin’ in the best possible way as she welcomes her friend, flatlay specialist and cannabis champion Amber Dorsey to gossip and gush all over 1995’s stylish high school satire, Clueless

The gals are keepin' it real as they discuss teenaging '90s style, Thomas Guides, personal makeovers, negotiating grades, speaking up, clothing as characters, and of course, shopping to clear your head.

Get to know Amber Dorsey:

Amber is a writer, photographer, digital strategist and creative content director. She is the owner of Elevated Flatlays, a creative company that specializes in compelling, unique and captivating high quality brand content within the wellness, lifestyle, and beauty categories for both cannabis and ancillary brands. She is also an active champion of the cannabis industry, committed to normalizing its use among women and mothers, while working to erase the stigmas attached to it.

@fromcarpools2cocktails on Instagram

@carpools2cannamom on Instagram

@elevatedflatlay on Instagram

Elevated Flatlays

Amber Dorsey on the web


Xanadu (1980) — with Hillary Murphy!

Xanadu (1980) — with Hillary Murphy!

November 9, 2021

Destiny arrives as Lori welcomes your newest muse Hillary Murphy to break down the magic and mythology of 1980’s cult classic musical fantasy Xanadu!

From those magical unsupervised nights at the roller rink to tube tops, dolphin shorts, and ribbon barrettes, Lori and Hillary remember it all. They also have a lot to say about Sonny getting all the credit, Kira's tireless sacrifice, and Danny's "creative birth" in this big, sometimes animated, always WTF kitchen sink musical mess that we all know and live for.

Get to know Hillary Murphy:

Hillary has been an interior designer and owner of her own design firm for 20 years. She transitioned to a business that designs, develops, and manages vacation home short-term rentals. She also helps curate and execute boutique women-led retreats on their property for facilitators that want to focus solely on offering their unique gifts and wisdom.

Xanadu vacation rental in Joshua Tree

Abundance Retreats

@abundanceinteriors on Instagram

@abundance_retreats on Instagram

@xanaduretreat on Instagram

Hillary Murphy's Xanadu featured in The Wall Street Journal


No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom (1995) — with Megan and Wendy!

No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom (1995) — with Megan and Wendy!

November 2, 2021

No doubt Lori's happy now to welcome podcasters, friends, and OC natives Megan and Wendy to squeeze every last drop out of No Doubt’s tangy and tart tour de force, 1995’s Tragic Kingdom

From Gwen's super thin eyebrows, strict parents, and hating Christmas, to Wendy being OMGthisclose to appearing in No Doubt's iconic "Just a Girl" video, the ladies bask in the magic of '90s fashion, feminism, and fun. 

Get to know Megan and Wendy:

Megan and Wendy are longtime friends born and raised in Orange County, CA and are the co-creators of the multimedia lifestyle operation Long Story Short with Megan and Wendy. They are moms who love pop culture, travel, beauty and more, offering real-life stories and realistic solutions on their twice-weekly podcast of the same name.

Visit Megan and Wendy online

Megan and Wendy Gift Guides

Long Story Shorties Facebook Group

@meganandwendylss on Instagram

@girlsgonehallmark on Instagram

@girlsgonedisney on Instagram


No Doubt - Just A Girl (Official Music Video)

No Doubt - Don't Speak (Official 4K Music Video)

No Doubt - Don't Speak (The ORIGINAL Version) 1994

No Doubt - Sunday Morning


Boyz II Men - Cooleyhighharmony (1991) — with Aron Bender!

Boyz II Men - Cooleyhighharmony (1991) — with Aron Bender!

October 26, 2021

Everyone has a story. He gets them to tell it. Lori's delighted to welcome broadcast veteran Aron Bender to do a little east coast swing as they sing the praises of Boyz II Men’s 1991 breakout album, Cooleyhighharmony.

Laugh along with these high school buddies as they chat "sexy sex songs," divo behavior, Aron's B2M-adjacent boy band days (and epic Michael McCary impression), and the "cool kid club" they created as nerdy freshman. Later, cry along with these two old friends as they discuss the importance of normalizing male emotion, the pain of losing everything, and the bittersweet journey to learn about life and love in the process.

Get to know Aron Bender:

Aron Bender hosts The Aron Bender Podcast and The Santa Clarita Valley Signal News Podcast. He’s also a professor in the Journalism Department at his alma mater, Cal State Northridge, and worked at radio stations KMPH in Fresno, WIOD in Miami, and KFI in Los Angeles. Aron lost his wife to breast cancer in 2020. They have two wonderful, smart and funny daughters: 9-year-old Marin and 6-year-old Wiley.

The Aron Bender Podcast

@aronbender on Instagram

@aronbender on Twitter


Boyz II Men - Motownphilly (Official Video)

Boyz II Men – It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday (Official Video)

Boyz II Men - End Of The Road (Official Video)


Natalie Merchant - Tigerlily (1995) — with LaRee Stach!

Natalie Merchant - Tigerlily (1995) — with LaRee Stach!

October 19, 2021

Lori welcomes her girl crush, yoga instructor LaRee Stach to gush all over queen Natalie Merchant and her 1995 debut solo album, Tigerlily.

Join Lori and LaRee as they get hypnotized, mesmerized by the album and music videos that still speak to their fierce, delicate souls. The gals talk Lilith Fair, Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin bras, crying in public, learning to be flexible, yoga for newbies, and New York City.

Get to know LaRee Stach:

@lareechristen on Instagram

@yogatevana on Instagram

Schedule an online or in-person yoga class with LaRee

Yoga Tevana


Natalie Merchant - Carnival (Official video)

Natalie Merchant - Jealousy (Official video)

Natalie Merchant - Wonder (Official video)

10,000 Maniacs - These Are Days (Official video)

10,000 Maniacs - Because the Night (Official video - MTV Unplugged)


The Lost Boys (1987) — with Eric J. Guignard!

The Lost Boys (1987) — with Eric J. Guignard!

October 12, 2021

Lori's thrilled to welcome award-winning dark and speculative fiction author Eric J. Guignard to discuss the film that proves there’s nothing sexier than the clandestine allure of immortality. Yes, you sexy beasts, we're talking 1987’s horror classic, The Lost Boys.

We debate who the real "bad guys" were and ponder Michael's poor choices, Sam's love of Rob Lowe, and get up close and personal with Grandpa's dark side. We also chat death by stereo, the true spirit of indie press, horror fiction culture, sexy sax music, and of course, dinosaur porn.

Get to know Eric J. Guignard:

The Home of Author Eric J. Guignard

Eric J. Guignard's Blog

Dark Moon Books

Follow Eric J. Guignard on social media


SNL Digital Short "The Curse"

The Lost Boys Reunion For the Love of Horror 2019


Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A. (1984) — with Serge Bielanko!

Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A. (1984) — with Serge Bielanko!

October 5, 2021

Lori welcomes writer, rock star, and lifelong Springsteen fan Serge Bielanko to gush all over the heavy grace and poetry of Bruce Springsteen’s 1984 triumph, Born In the U.S.A.

Serge recounts his time on stage and in the recording studio with Springsteen as both a man and a mentor. He also get candid about the many ways Springsteen's legendary music continues to inspire him as an artist, writer, and cool rockin' daddy in the USA. Join Lori and Serge as they chat lyrics, deeper meanings, music videos, true fandom, and the longstanding legacy of the man behind this beloved album.

Get to know Serge Bielanko:

Thunder Pie: Throat Punch Essays by Serge Bielanko

More incredible essays by Serge Bielanko

"The Walkin' Talkin' American Mongoose Blues" by Serge Bielanko

Follow Serge Bielanko on Instagram @bielanko


Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A. (Official Video)

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In the Dark (Official Video)

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark rehearsals

Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire (Official Video)

Bruce Springsteen - Glory Days (Official Video)


The Wild World of ”Weird Al” Yankovic — with Pat!

The Wild World of ”Weird Al” Yankovic — with Pat!

September 28, 2021

Break out the parodies, polka, and puns! Pat stops by to celebrate the man Kurt Cobain once called “America’s modern pop-rock genius". Yes kids, we happily fall down the rabbit hole of the one and only “Weird Al” Yankovic.

From his awkward beginnings and real-life Napoleon Dynamite moment to his everlasting appeal, Lori and Pat wax poetic about the genius of Weird Al and the welcome space he's created for the weird, wacky, and wonderful in all of us.

Eat It (Official Music Video) - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Fat (Official Music Video) - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Like A Surgeon (Official Music Video) - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Smells Like Nirvana (Official Music Video) - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Amish Paradise (Official Parody of "Gangsta's Paradise") - "Weird" Al Yankovic

"The Weirdly Enduring Appeal of Weird Al Yankovic" by Sam Anderson


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