The Untitled GenX Podcast

Season 3 Reflections

June 7, 2022

Although we've come to the end of Season 3, I just can't let you go without a proper farewell that includes a look back at the amazing guests and pop culture this season gave us! 

From thank yous, real talk, and that time my teenage son almost burned the house down while I was recording, to my sincere apology, your feedback, and answers to this season's infamous lightning round questions, I share it all with deep appreciation for your support.

Revisit Season 3's remarkable guests:

Cate: Beaches (1988)

David Vienna: Nirvana - Nevermind (1991)

Jill Smokler: Dirty Dancing (1987)

Kenny Stach: The Outsiders (1983)

Ann Imig: Annie (1982)

Pat: Dead Poets Society (1989)

Jessica Ashley: The Parent Trap (1998)

Jess Sanfilippo: George Michael - Faith (1987)

Buzz Bishop: Pump Up the Volume (1990)

Rowan Harrison: David Bowie - Let's Dance (1983)

Michelle Newman: Duran Duran - Rio (1982)

Tugené Davis: School Daze (1988)

Nina Badzin: Steel Magnolias (1989)

Jeannette Guignard: Working Girl (1988)

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