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Pump Up the Volume (1990) — with Buzz Bishop!

April 26, 2022

I'm totally pumped to welcome radio host Buzz Bishop to join me in seizing the air as we break down 1990’s coming-of-age indie drama Pump Up the Volume

As a radio veteran, Buzz talks hard about the duality of the person behind the mic, the perks and pitfalls of that radio life, having Michael Bublé as a wingman, Michael Hutchence's Austin Powers's party, and cars that only come with one side mirror.

We also talk teen angst, soundtracks to sadness, pirate radio as a metaphor for social media, pushing our kids to get involved, following non-traditional paths, what happens in basements, and how absolutely old 40 used to seem.

Get to know Buzz Bishop:

Buzz has been a radio host for more than 30 years. He’s met Britney, Christina, Beyoncé, and Gwen. He’s partied with INXS, slept through the chance to party with U2, and has interviewed everyone from Janet to 98 Degrees. In his incredible career, he’s been a TV reporter, newspaper columnist, dad blogger, and actor you might even recognize from a 90’s Subway commercial! Buzz is a devoted husband and father of two sons and lives in Calgary, Canada. He also hosts XL Mornings with Buzz on XL103 so check him out!

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