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Patreon Bonus: My So-Called Life - ”In Dreams Begin Responsibilities” (aka ”How My So-Called Life Left Us Hanging”) (1995) — with Cate!

June 14, 2022

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My childhood bestie and Season 1 co-host Cate joins me to deconstruct the disappointment of how My So-Called Life ended. 

Yes, we’re talking about the series finale, Season 1, Episode 19 titled "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities" (aka "How My So-Called Life Left Us Hanging") (aka "My So-Called Life Wasn’t Supposed to End this Way").
In between our recurring dreams, love of all things flannel and Catalano, Cate's parallel Angela journey, our friendship snag in high school, and even a surprise spoiler alert of "Our Town", we attempt to break down that last look between Angela and Brian in an effort to finally lay the season ending that became a series ending that became the ultimate GenX question mark — to rest.
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