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ON REPEAT: Xanadu (1980) — with Hillary Murphy!

November 8, 2022

Destiny arrives ON REPEAT as Lori welcomes your newest muse Hillary Murphy to break down the magic and mythology of 1980’s cult classic musical fantasy Xanadu!

From those magical unsupervised nights at the roller rink to tube tops, dolphin shorts, and ribbon barrettes, Lori and Hillary remember it all. They also have a lot to say about Sonny getting all the credit, Kira's tireless sacrifice, and Danny's "creative birth" in this big, sometimes animated, always WTF kitchen sink musical mess that we all know and live for.

Get to know Hillary Murphy:

Hillary has been an interior designer and owner of her own design firm for 20 years. She transitioned to a business that designs, develops, and manages vacation home short-term rentals. She also helps curate and execute boutique women-led retreats on their property for facilitators that want to focus solely on offering their unique gifts and wisdom.

Xanadu vacation rental in Joshua Tree

Abundance Retreats

@abundanceinteriors on Instagram

@abundance_retreats on Instagram

@xanaduretreat on Instagram

Hillary Murphy's Xanadu featured in The Wall Street Journal


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