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ON REPEAT: Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes (1992)

September 27, 2022

CONTENT WARNING: This episode explores sensitive themes such as sexual assault, religion, womanhood, sexuality, and identity. Listener discretion is advised.

In this very special ON REPEAT episode, Cate and Lori honor singer, songwriter, pianist, and survivor, Tori Amos and her debut solo triumph, 1992’s Little Earthquakes — a revolutionary album responsible for sending shock waves on to our airwaves and into our souls.

Join these true Tori fans as they discuss the way Little Earthquakes' "mighty tremors with tender tiptoes" shaped their coming of age, private pain, personal truths, and precious power.  

Tori Amos - Crucify (Official Music Video)

Tori Amos - Silent All These Years (Official Music Video)

Tori Amos - China (Official Music Video)

Tori Amos - Winter (Official Music Video)

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