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No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom (1995) — with Megan and Wendy!

November 2, 2021

No doubt Lori's happy now to welcome podcasters, friends, and OC natives Megan and Wendy to squeeze every last drop out of No Doubt’s tangy and tart tour de force, 1995’s Tragic Kingdom

From Gwen's super thin eyebrows, strict parents, and hating Christmas, to Wendy being OMGthisclose to appearing in No Doubt's iconic "Just a Girl" video, the ladies bask in the magic of '90s fashion, feminism, and fun. 

Get to know Megan and Wendy:

Megan and Wendy are longtime friends born and raised in Orange County, CA and are the co-creators of the multimedia lifestyle operation Long Story Short with Megan and Wendy. They are moms who love pop culture, travel, beauty and more, offering real-life stories and realistic solutions on their twice-weekly podcast of the same name.

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No Doubt - Just A Girl (Official Music Video)

No Doubt - Don't Speak (Official 4K Music Video)

No Doubt - Don't Speak (The ORIGINAL Version) 1994

No Doubt - Sunday Morning


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