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George Michael - Faith (1987) — with Jess Sanfilippo!

April 19, 2022

Jess Sanfilippo, the whip smart and hella funny Millennial with a GenX soul, is here to join me in singing the highest praises of George Michael’s 1987 debut solo masterpiece, Faith.

From our earliest exposure to the evocative sounds, imagery, and emotional whiplash of this album, to George's beauty shots, iconic style, and undeniable genius, we dive deep into the messaging, meaning, and magic behind it all.

Come for the dangle cross earring, stay for the soul feed.

Get to know Jess Sanfilippo:

Jess is the founder of Roadie Social, an innovative marketing solution for touring musicians who are dedicated to elevating the modern artist-fan relationship on the road.

Roadie Social

Instagram @roadiesocial

Twitter @RoadieSocial

Instagram @jessilippo

Twitter @shuggilippo


Faith (Official Music Video)

Father Figure (Official Music Video)

I Want Your Sex (Official Music Video)

Kissing a Fool (Official Music Video)

One More Try (Official Music Video)

Monkey (Official Music Video)


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