The Untitled GenX Podcast

Fame (1980) — with Jessica Ashley!

September 7, 2021

Lori is absolutely giddy to welcome her mentor, Jessica Ashley to join her in living forever as they break down the talent and triumph of 1980’s electrifying film, Fame.

The former Thespians talk theater aspirations, nose memories, dream crushers, stage kisses, raw talent, getting ugly, and the undeniable power of personal "if-firmations". This is sure to be an episode to remember, remember, remember, remember!

Jessica Ashley is the Divorce Coach for Moms, a certified coach who helps women at all stages thrive through transitions with creative problem-solving, strategy, laughter and cussing. Jessica is also the founder of host of Single Mom Nation and its sister podcast

Her ebook Divorce 911: How to Handle Everyday Divorce Emergencies and Self-Care Planner: Daily Ways You Love and Tend to Beautiful You are available now.



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