The Untitled GenX Podcast

Clueless (1995) — with Amber Dorsey!

November 16, 2021

DISCLAIMER: This episode contains discussions surrounding the use of cannabis and cannabis-related products. The Untitled GenX Podcast would like to remind listeners to enjoy the legal stuffs responsibility.

Lori is totally buggin’ in the best possible way as she welcomes her friend, flatlay specialist and cannabis champion Amber Dorsey to gossip and gush all over 1995’s stylish high school satire, Clueless

The gals are keepin' it real as they discuss teenaging '90s style, Thomas Guides, personal makeovers, negotiating grades, speaking up, clothing as characters, and of course, shopping to clear your head.

Get to know Amber Dorsey:

Amber is a writer, photographer, digital strategist and creative content director. She is the owner of Elevated Flatlays, a creative company that specializes in compelling, unique and captivating high quality brand content within the wellness, lifestyle, and beauty categories for both cannabis and ancillary brands. She is also an active champion of the cannabis industry, committed to normalizing its use among women and mothers, while working to erase the stigmas attached to it.

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