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Before Sunrise (1995) — with Amy Garis!

November 30, 2021

Lori's overjoyed to welcome the amazing actress Amy Garis to wax poetic about 1995's romantic indie classic Before Sunrise.

Amy shares her story of falling in love, bumming around Europe in college, and taking that train. She even generously graces us with an inspired dramatic reading of "The Milkshake Poem."

Amy and Lori reminisce about sharing the stage, the struggle of being a dreamer with fears, the true intimacy of an embrace, and the magic that surrounds us all.

Get to know Amy Garis:

Amy Garis is an actress, singer/songwriter, mom of two young kids who inspire her “mom songs,” and a hopeful romantic who is married to her favorite actor. 

@garisgroove on Instagram

@amygaris_selftapes on Instagram

Amy Garis on IMDB

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