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A Christmas Story (1983) — with Trish the Dish of GenX Voice!

December 21, 2021

Lori's feeling the excitement of a kid on Christmas as she welcomes podcaster Trish of GenX Voice to discuss 1983’s classic cringey comedy, A Christmas Story

Join Trish and Lori as they question Aunt Clara's motives, Mom's '80s-inspired perm, childhood "visions," and Ralphie as a potential sociopath. The fast friends also chat about the impact of school bullies, double dog dares, challenging childhoods, and the reality of being forever scarred by Porky's.

Get to know Trish the Dish of GenX Voice:

Trish was born in 1975 and was deeply involved in the music and culture of the rave scene in the ‘90s. She traveled the world in her 20's and was deeply enmeshed in the rave scene of the ‘90s. From there, she committed herself to teaching French to underprivileged youth and is now involved in making positive changes through higher education. She is the host of GenX Voice, a podcast dedicated to bridging generations and proving we’re not all slackers and Karens. 

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